22% Vol.

Made with selected almonds, this liquor has a pleasant texture and a sweet aromatic profile with hints of vanilla and dulce de leche. It is distinguished by its almond-brown colour, an intense almond aroma, and a flavour that combines nougat and chocolate, offering an elegant and persistent taste experience, perfect for after meals.



SYS offers a wide range of liquors and creams ideal for any occasion. These products are a favourite among bartenders for creating innovative cocktails, as well as for enjoying in mixers and cocktails with friends, at family gatherings, at home or outdoors.

Since 1945, we have been making our liquors with high quality ingredients, including fruits, herbs and spices. Our current portfolio is adapted to contemporary tastes, thanks to collaboration with world-renowned bartenders in the development of new products. This ensures an exceptional taste experience for all palates.

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