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One family, two distilleries

Noara is a Spanish family company with a consolidated implementation in Spain and international distribution. Currently, it has 2 business units: Destilerías SYS, a distillery founded in 1945 distinguished by our commitment to tradition and the artisanal production of spirits; and Noara Mediterranean Distillery, a new generation distillery that represents our vision for the future, our commitment to evolve without forgetting our roots.




The Mediterranean is our home and the inspiration behind every drop we distil, intertwining with the blue waves, sunny skies and rich cultures and cuisines of our region. It is not only a geographical place for us, but a feeling, a way of life, a passion for sharing good times around a table with the people we care about.


Our location in Elche is no coincidence. It is here, in this Mediterranean oasis, where we find an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our products. The aromas of the sea breeze mixed with the sweet scent of palm trees and citrus fruits remind us daily of the beauty and richness of our land.


Cantueso Oro:
A Taste of the Mediterranean Mountains

Cantueso Oro is a liquor from the Mediterranean coast, with more than 155 years of history, made from the Cantueso plant or ‘thymus moroderi’, native to the province of Alicante, with a characteristic flavour obtained by steam distillation.

Cantueso ORO

The distillation of the Cantueso flower, “Thymus Moroderys” dates back to the end of the 18th century and it was Queremón Alonso, an industrialist from Monovar (Alicante), who created our famous Cantueso Oro liqueur.

In a very short time, thanks to its extraordinary favour and quality, it received international recognition in different exhibitions and competitions.


Tradition and Innovation

Our facilities combine tradition with modernity. We use cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing efficient, high quality production, while maintaining the essence and traditional methods that have defined us over the years, respecting the origin and raw materials.


Our markets
around the world

With a presence in more than 15 countries, at Noara we work closely with our distribution partners, always seeking to strengthen and expand our global network. Each market has its own particularities and demands, so we have learned to adapt and cater to the specific needs of each region, always keeping our essence and values intact.


Commitment and

Thanks to the experience of more than 70 years that inspires our master distillers every day, together with a technologically automated manufacturing process, we maintain a rigorous control of all our processes, achieving the highest quality, safety and security.


Responsibility for our environment

At Noara, we are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment. That is why we adopt sustainable practices at every stage of production, seeking to minimise our ecological footprint. From the selection of raw materials to the design of our packaging, we are committed to protecting our precious Mediterranean and ensuring a greener future for generations to come.

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