17% Vol.


In the depths of Mexico lived and roamed a masked wrestler by the name of Cachito Loco. A brave wrestler, with a rebellious character, a brawler and barely 150 cm tall.

But if he was remembered for anything it was for his exaggerated attachment to Tequila, but Cachito Loco wasn’t satisfied with just anything, he wanted only the best of the best to quench his thirst.

One morning after a night out he woke up in what looked like and old abandoned distillery. He couldn’t remember how he got there, but to ease his hangover he drank from some old bottles and in them he discovered the perfect Tequila, with a strong and authentic flavour that made him feel like the greatest champion of all wrestlers.

Over time he started testing and mixing with different ingredients and thus a line of Tequila based Creamswas burn, a perfect combination of Tequila and flavours.

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